MIKE MURDOCK QUICK FACTS ABOUT SAFE ROBBERY: Murdock claimed to once keep a coin and jewelry collections valued at least $125,000. He reported this information to the Denton County Sheriff's Department after a theft / safe robbery. Following the robbery, Murdock reported to audiences, private individuals and possibly an insurance company that he had lost millions and needed "desperate help" to replace it. Sheriff's spokesman Kevin Patton said investigators dropped the case because Murdock would not list exactly what had been stolen. - Information based on the investigative report from the Ft. Worth Star-Telegram

Trey Smith - "I robbed a TV pastor, ran the Mexico and wrote a book about it." 

Trey Smith Bio - Trey Smith (now 34) grew up in Houston, Texas where he had childhood interests of Paintball and the study of ancient cultures. Through an unusual chain of events, Trey Smith found himself not only in the heart of Murdock's ministry, but also frequently staying days at a time at the evangelist's home (known as the grand Hacienda de Paz). Experiancing much of the dark "secretive-side" of Christian television, ultimately Trey did steal the well-guarded safe that was kept behind a series of electronically locked doors that led to the minister's bedroom. Following the burglary, Trey went on the run and did not talk about the event, or his personal knowledge of Mike Murdock for a great many years.

----- My favorite Thieves book review so far ----"It actually put my wife into labor! (I was) reading the book to her between her contractions." After 24-hours of labor, Duffy's wife gave birth to an 8lb 7oz baby boy. While his wife was in recovery, he said that he read aloud to her and that those from ajoining medical rooms asked if they also could sit in and listen....." click here for this article -- I (Trey Smith) actually had the honor to hand this man Duffy a signed copy of the book and see the baby that was born while he read his wife my book Thieves.

Trey Smith - "Yes --- Its true.... I robbed a TV pastor, ran to Mexico and wrote a book about it."

Trey Smith is the author of the (nonfiction) true crime book Thieves. It is the true story of the "TV Pastor Safe Robbery." Thieves may be the most unusual book ever written.

Thieves: One dirty TV pastor and the man who robbed him.

Although its NOT an expose' it does EXPOSE lots... Ok... it EXPOSES a whole bunch.... Alright.... you got me.... Mike Murdock and his buddies like Benny Hinn are pretty much busted...... It is a true story. This ALL really went down.... Trey