Mike Murdock Photo Source: Screenshot by Evans Scott. The photo to the left in red is his son, Jason Murdock.

WARNING: Thieves contains gritty situtions, some language, and brief sexual content.
My Old Best Friend Jason Murdock. He Looks a Little? Well ---- You Tell Me?

-Trey Smith

Mike Murdock Article: Yes---- That is my old best friend (Jason Murdock) in that picture (top of page in red background). Son of the TV pastor Mike Murdock. In the past weeks it is my understanding he was swooped from the "grunge" music scene of Louisiana and given a prominent role at his father's ministry. When we went to school at Christ for the Nations together, he secretly worked at a strip joint (nudie-bar) as a DJ for a period of time while still making it to the Holy Spirit Class first thing in the morning. Quite impressive actually. And yes, to answer some of your emails, my guess is that his quick switch back to ministry probably has to do with the things that are said in Thieves. My hope is that Mike develops a relationship with his son and does not just use him for this hour to "back-his-story." I DO NOT SAY THAT TO BE TRITE. I MEAN THAT IN EVERY POSSIBLE WAY. I have not always liked Jason, and I certainly have had very extreme emotions about Mike Murdock. But, you can "not like" someone and still love them. You can "not like" someone and still crack a smile when you know something good happens in their life. We are not to that hour yet. But, I pray for the sakes of all in the Thieves book, that hour comes. Even for Mike Murdock -- it is never too late to cry out, "Lord, what is my life really about?"  

If my book Thieves only success was to give Jason a relationship with his own father, then I will have actually considered it worth it. I never really understood growing up why Jason did many of the things he did. But, when I think back, it was probably exactly what he told me one time (the night he ran away from Mike Murdock Ministries and I helped him hide from his father). He said, "Trey, My father's house may be pretty, but its still a prison."  I (me, Trey Smith) had a father growing up, I don't think Jason ever knew what that was like. And, in my personal experiences, Mike would very commonly "down" Jason. Mike Murdock can (and does) say some very, very hurtful and hateful things. He says "good, cheery, wonderful" things for the world to see. But, when you are really there.... when you're really a family member, an ex-wife, a friend not funding him, even his own staff... its not all lollipops, candy-canes and $58 dollar miracles.

Let me be clear about this - Thieves is an honest book ---- a brutally honest book. That does not just apply to Mike Murdock. It applies to me also. I have been no angel. So, this is not about me pointing the finger. This is a true story about many things that probably never happen in other people's lives. And, at the center of the story is a very cunning TV pastor and a safe. I have been through no shortage of real nightmares following that safe robbery ---Things I would not wish on anyone --- not even Mike Murdock. 

It hurt a little when I saw an article tonight talking about Mike's "new push" for 450 people to give him $450 dollars by the end of the month. Which is actually the reason I couldn't sleep and pulled  myself up to write this article; I hope the Examiner leaves it up as I think that this is important. 

Mike, if you are reading this---- you don't have to prove to me what you are a capable of. I know full and well what you are capable of. I had a dream the other night Mike. I was disappointed when I woke up to find out it wasn't real. You were on a stage ---- You broke down and cried... Not a play cry as you do occasionally for the show of collecting money (the eternal victim thing) No. It was a real cry Mike. You began apologizing in tears to God, the people you have taken so much from, and the women you have used as play-toys in your powerful palace. That was my dream Mike..

You think I am your enemy ---- but I am not. What I have to say is true, and I know that scares you. If another $58 dollar check would make you happy Mike, then tell me: Why aren't you the happiest man on earth. In fact, if I thought that getting you the money you are seeking this month would cause you to just stop ---- then I would figure out how to go get you that money Mike. Yes me --- Trey Smith --- the guy you are saying is the "Evil Enemy, Satan," and everything else ---- if it would actually cause you to open your eyes and look at the people you have affected... the lives you've broken... if it would just squeeze one legitimate concern out of you for anyone other than yourself ---- then I would figure out how to deliver that money to your doorstep myself. But, you won't stop, will you Mike? The problem is bigger than another $58 dollar check, it is bigger than 450 - 450 dollar checks, it bigger than another jet-airplane ---- isn't it Mike?  

If nothing else, please don't use Jason as a pawn as you have in the past ---- promising him the sun, moon, stars, (money) and mantel of the ministry. Just be a father Mike. For once in your whole life "accomplish something. Do something you have never done before." --- sound familiar. Forget about the 299 books you scrambled to rephrase and hang on the wall, forget about seeing how "far you can push" a bunch of people who really don't have it to give Mike. Out of tens of millions of dollars and Lord knows how many lives broken and shattered, could you for once in your life do something ---- one thing ---- for someone other than yourself.


PS: I am truly sorry I stole your safe. I am not saying that to be "cute". That was wrong. I spent a lot of time in the desert of Mexico scared of you Mike ---- I guess you probably already knew that though. I may not be a bright man, but I will follow what I feel my heart says is right. Hopefully as this veil comes off, even you may see a little bit of Light, Mike Murdock. 

Forgive me if I'm unable to call you Dr. (many people go to school for a great many years to achieve that title, I understand you mailed in some kind of form and few thousand dollars to get your degree). 

Trey Smith---- 

Article Dated: 2/7/2011

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Trey Smith article that crashed two websites in two hours - A plea to Mike Murdock.

“I have formed everything you see from mere words. I have given thousands of sermons. I have written fifty books. I have composed hundreds of songs. One piece at a time, I have built what my father could have only dreamed.”

“And yet, here I am. My only son has no interest in the legacy I’ve made. No. My son is here to snoop where he shouldn’t snoop. He is here to bask in what doesn’t belong to him while no one is looking. And then, as if I were dealing with a clown, my son will actually show up later wearing lip stick and mascara on his face.”

“It’s not like that, Dad,” Jason said.

“Jason it is with great tolerance that I even dare call you my son.” Mike jumped to his feet.. “Get out!”And don’t you ever come in here again wearing lipstick like a ............!”

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Thieves book (2011) by Trey Smith. Thieves (book) is a nonfiction narrative - true story. Thieves (book) short excerpts to wet your taste buds.
Mike Murdock angry at Jason

Mike Murdock (wealthy TV pastor) has common nicknames such as, "Pimp in the Pulpit," and, "the King of Profit Preaching."

Mike Murdock is one of the most profitable evangelists in current Christian television. His powerful rise to ministry fortune came through a series of advantageous moves made during the fall of PTL. His ministry has since progressed to become a "single man empire." He now boasts of sermons where the reported take was better than a million dollars. It would likely be difficult (if not impossible) to find an instance where Murdock has not aggressively pushed audiences to "plant a seed" from start to finish. He is dependant on large volumes of low-income people to fund his overwhelming excess, and the security surrounding that excess. He vigorously guards his ministry's financial records and goes to great lengths to protect the privacy of his lifestyle. When asked by watchdog groups why that less than 1% of the many millions that he takes in annually goes to any charitable cause other than himself, Murdock commonly responds that he, "does not owe answers to the devil." In the book Thieves, it is more than just pet lions, limos and jetplanes that all those $58 dollar checks are paying for. www.treysmithbooks.com/thieves/thieves-book.html

Below are some actual statements made by Mike Murdock on his Twitter Live Feed the day he first began to publicly address the Thieves book.

 1) ~(For women) Keeping A Man Going~Is A Full-Time Job... DO Not Make It A Part_Time/He Will Find Someone Else To Finish The Job. #drMM #fb

  2) #CRISIS Is The First Evidence...Of Favorable #Change .#FalseAccusation #drMM #fb

  3) #Friends ...Accept Your Weakness. #Enemies ...Expose Your Weakness. #Mentors ...Identify Your #Weakness ~ #drMM #fb

  4) I Have Never Met An #Accuser ...Who Told The Truth. Ever. #drMM

  5) Never Permit An #Enemy ...To Choose Your Weapons. Never Permit An Enemy ...To Decide The Place of Battle. #drMM #fb -Wonder what that one means? SPOOKY.

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Photo Source: Wikipedia - Jason Murdock had been calling himself, "Jay Sustain."
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This article was posted in the Denver Online Examiner on Februrary 7th 2011. Within two hours it had crashed the bandwidth of two websites. The Denver Examiner removed the article and suspended Trey Smith as an Examiner stating that they had "strange" developments with their legal department regarding the material. Scroll down to see actual article.